"Designed in Monaco, Made in France"

Densmore Information

DENSMORE Pharmaceutical is based in Monaco since 1946.

Its center of research and development possesses about 70 years of expertise in vitamin therapy and micro-nutrition.

Since the early 2000s the laboratory has acquired a new expertise in some forms of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics and received two innovation and research awards. These awards reward its research unit and the entire range.

In addition to its presence in France, DENSMORE is exported to many countries in Europe and north Africa.

DENSMORE Pharmaceutical’s aim is to make available to all, the medical professions and patients, innovative products that combine safety, security and ease of use to meet the health needs and well being in everyday life.

Keradrop Densmore

KERADROP® is a Densmore Pharmaceutical's medical device composed of Glycyrrhizine with phlogolytique activity (capable of inhibiting the evolutionary process of phlogosis).

KERADROP® also contains a specific heat-sensitive copolymer which, by coming into contact with the surface of the eye and forming a gel, is capable of providing a long term moisturization and lubricity.

Properties :

KERADROP® is indicated for the symptomatic treatment (itching, foreign body sensation, redness) in inflammatory conditions of the eye surface, such as ocular discomfort syndrome, blepharitis and conjunctivitis, both in adults and children.

Densmore Memoptic

MEMOPTIC® is a dietary supplement from DENSMORE Pharmaceutical containing Ginkgo biloba, choline, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B5.

Properties :

* Ginkgo biloba and Zinc help maintain normal vision.
* Ginkgo biloba and vitamin B5 help maintain normal mental performance and Ginkgo biloba helps maintain memory.

Usage tips:

1 to 2 tablets per day taken during a meal, for 3 to renewable 6 months.