Our Products

Densmore has developed several product lines that bring to each specific case an appropriate and innovative response to natural health and well-being. These products combine a simplified dosage, an optimized bioavailability and a great efficacy of action through synergistic combinations. All our products are made of high quality raw materials such as, minerals and trace elements mainly of natural origin, vitamins from vegetal extraction and highly purified essential fatty acids. Fatty acids and marine gelatin, which are used in the envelope of our capsules, are exclusively from fish with scales and fins.

Our products are designed in accordance with the new European regulations and manufactured according to the standards of the pharmaceutical industry thus providing full traceability throughout the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution. Densmore products are developed in our pharmaceutical laboratory in Monaco, thanks to the most recent research in the field of biology and physionutrition. Our ophthalmic solutions are manufactured in a production unit specialized in ophthalmology.

  • Gynecology.

Woman has physiological and nutritional requirements that vary according to the different stages of life. To provide an appropriate response, Densmore laboratory proposes Suvéal, a specific range for woman, which is the culmination of 70 years of expertise in micro-nutrition and vitamin therapy. Suvéal is the first full woman range composed of innovative products :

Femicalm, NauséFlash, Climéal, Suvéal Breastfeeding, Suvéal Antioxidant, Suvéal Capillary, Suvéal Conception, Suvéal Pregnancy, Suvéal Pregnancy Iron, Suvéal Maturity, Suvéal Magne-Iron, Suvéal Sicca, Suvéal Urinary, Suvéal Intimate, Gametix M, Gametix F.

Suvéal is dosed to bring, with only once daily, trace element, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids necessary to the welfare and stability of woman's health capital everyday.

  • Ophthalmology.

Eye drops :

Angiodrop, Navitae, Vitadrop.

Dietary supplements :

Alphalarm, Cebrolux, Memoptic, Suvéal Duo chewable, Suvéal Duo Capsules, Vitrécor.

Hygiene and Care :