Suvéal Santé Transit

Dietary supplement containing Senna, Boldo, Wheatgrass, Fennel, Anise, Mint and Inulin Chicory.

Formula rich in fiber.

Properties :

  • Senna helps to maintain regular bowel function in cases of occasional constipation.

In 1946, Robert Densmore founded his laboratory in Monaco and imported from the United States a herbal formula used for many decades in transit problems. He gave her the name "Tisane Garfield" in honor of US President James Garfield, whose investiture date corresponded to the date of first marketing in the United States. Herbal Tea Garfield was distributed in many countries and been successful. The formula of Suvéal Santé Transit is inspired by the formula of Garfield tea.

Nutrition facts :

Per capsule
Dry extract Senna 136 mg
including sennosides B 12.24 mg
Dry extract Pneumus boldus

Dry extract Pimpinella anisum

Dry extract Agropyrum repens

Dry extract Mint

Dry extract Fennel

Inulin Chicory

112,5 mg

45 mg

42 mg

42 mg

42 mg

61.7 mg

Usage tips :

1 capsule taken in the evening.