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The overall management of pathologies associated with drug treatment and lifestyle and dietary rules up to the prescription of nutritional supplements. The correlation between dietary behavior and the appearance of certain diseases is widely demonstrated.

Our belief is that the intake of specific food supplements become the twenty-first century an essential approach in the prevention or correction and management of many chronic diseases, and registers fully in a new health strategy public in developed countries.

Densmore's mission: to offer solutions tailored to the needs of patients, accompany them at every stage of their care.


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You have vision problems? You will soon be mother? Do you have memory problems? You do not get to sleep?

In order to share acces to quality medical information, we created a blog with exclusive health tips. Get alot of informations and ask all your questions! We are here to answer you.


Regular and adequate nutrition significantly reduces the risk of progression of aging of the retina of more than 25% at 5 years

That's why we decided to create this guide to provide you with quality medical information and assist you further in your daily life by offering simple and easy recipes that will provide many opportunities to improve your health.

To find inside:

  • Practical tips to better understand the aging eye and the important role of nutrition in maintaining good vision;
  • Simple and original recipes tailored to each of you to take care of your health by making you happy;
  • Health tricks to optimize your diet with simple and effective solutions.

How to get it?

For Suvéal Duo processing equivalent to a minimum of 6 months, get this book for free at home by sending your details by post accompanied barcodes on packaging cut your Suvéal Duo boxes (corresponding to a treatment of a minimum of 6 months).

Send it in a stamped envelope (price France 20g letter) to the following address:
Laboratoire Densmore – 7 rue de Millo – 98000 Monaco

BONUS - Test your sight with the Amsler grid

This visual acuity test, which takes its name from its inventor, the Swiss ophthalmologist Marc Amsler, is used by doctors since the 1940s to the early detection of diseases of the retina.

The Amsler Grid is a simple tool that allows you to make your home a quick diagnosis of your sight and so be able to quickly decide if a consultation is needed.

I download and I print the Amsler grid to test my sight.

1. Place the grid at a distance of 30cm reading, if you use reading glasses, put them.

2. Attach an eye individually with the central point of the grid and repeat with the other eye.

If you see a distortion of lines or squares, or if some cells appear empty to you, please contact your ophthalmologist.