Tradition Quality Innovation

Innovation and efficiency with natural components has always guided the development of Densmore Laboratory since Robert Densmore, an American physician, founded this laboratory in Monaco in 1946. Even nowadays, with many patents and original formulas, our products are developed to bring a safe and effective solution to your healthcare needs and daily well-being. Densmore’s products are developed according to three criteria: Tradition, Quality and Innovation.


Densmore Pharmaceutical Laboratory is well known internationally, since many decades, for its expertise in plants extracts, vitamins and minerals.


Our products meet the highest quality requirements with a manufacture in France.


Due to our research platform, we develop pioneering formulas, both through dosage forms and their ease of use.

Due to everyone commitment inside the laboratory, the brand DENSMORE became a well-known signature by patients and healthcare professionals, which is synonym of quality and innovation.

Thank you for your trust

Doctor Philippe Caron